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The Infusil Group of Companies, a pioneer in the manufacture of Fused Quartzware and Silicaware, upholds the highest quality standards for all its products, guaranteed by world-class quality management systems according to ISO 9001-2015. 

 Quality, Performance and Reliability form the key driving forces of the Infusil Group’s vision of providing superior quality products to satisfy customer needs, and every member of the organization is committed to these principles.    

 These three core principles are intrinsic to the organization since its inception in 1973 and are strictly adhered to even today, as we strive to offer our best services to our customers by consistently improving and upgrading our products and processes.


At the heart of Infusil lies quality. It is this core principle of Infusil that has equipped us to offer our best services to a vast client base in over 50 countries. Improvements and changes to the existing products as well as developing new products is a continuous process at Infusil. Every employee is trained to adhere to the strictest quality standards, which has been the driving force since its inception in 1973. The effort is the result of “Infusil being certified with ISO 9001:2015 certification


Headquartered at Peenya, Bangalore, Infusil is spread across five units with seven divisions manufacturing a wide range of products. Each unit is equipped with imported machinery incorporating modern technology to meet world class standards in production. With a manufacturing floor area of over 30000 square feet and a work force of more than 150 employees, Infusil is working towards further expanding its operations through a R & D Centre.


State of art technology drives the manufacturing processes at Infusil.

Quality, accuracy and volume of the products are achieved through the hi-tech machinery imported from Germany.


An automated computerized calibrating machine used in calibrating volumetric Glassware is one of its kinds in the country.

Calibration is carried out in a controlled atmosphere with clean room facility. The calibrations are precise to the tune of four decimals.


With this existing establishment we facilitate to deliver NABL certified products by ourselves as this saves considerable amount of time and cost.



QR Code on Volumetric Glasswares In addition to the above we are also introducing QR codes for our “A” Class Volumetric Glasswares only

qr code.png

QR Code on the Glassware the following details will be displayed.

  • Certificate No.

  • Product Name

  • Capacity

  • Catalogue no

  • Serial No.

  • The temperature of the distilled water​

  • Accuracy and tolerance

  • Date of Manufacturing / Batch

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